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Offer loyalty as a service and get additional recurring income from your customers
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Do you help SMBs with marketing?

The solution
It's never been easier..
Boomerangme is the easiest SMB loyalty platform
Digital Rewards
Launching a new promotion takes only 15 minutes. Use a free scanner app to add points and stamps to your customers
Digital Messaging 
Communicate with customers via free PUSH instead paid SMS. Totally free & unlimited
Digital Wallet
Easiest enrolment. 10 times faster instead of any native mobile application
Real profit
Up to x2 Retention Rate and +30% Average Check. Convert one-time customers into regulars on autopilot
Video use cases
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Agency benefits:
  • White Label — sell under your brand
  • Get additional recurring revenue
  • Create weekly reports that show agency's performance
  • Increase lifetime value

account walkthrough

White label
Revenue stream
Set up your domain name, branding and senders for offer service from your brand name.
Get additional recurring revenue from your existing customers. Just offer Loyalty as a Service.
How to get revenue from your customers in 3 days
Sign Up on Agency plan
You get to try it for 14 days for free. This step will take you 3 minutes
Set up your domane name and branding
Sell Boomerangme under your brand name. This step will take you 20 minutes
Set up your pricing and currencies
Decide for yourself how much your rates will cost. You will spend another 5 minutes on this step
Connect Stripe / PayPal account
Connect to the payment system of your choice. This step will take 10 minutes
Create sub-accounts to your customers
Connect your clients to the service. You will spend 15 minutes per client
Set up digatal loyalty program for them
Use templates or create your own. This step will take 10 minutes per client.
Get 100% revenue from subscription payments
You pay a fixed amount only for the agency fee and sub-account fee. Typically, our users see a profit from their customers as early as day 3
Get 100% revenue from your Services
On average, our users earn $5,000 or more in additional revenue each month

Case study:
How to get $2035 additional recurring revenue in 1 week

Loyocards is one of 483 partners worldwide who have signed up for an Agency Plan. This marketing agency offered loyalty as a service to their clients and added $2035 in recurring monthly revenue in 1 week.

How did they do it?

  1. Sign up for free trial and set up an agency account in 1 day
  2. Offer their current customers a loyalty program as a service
  3. Get additional recurring revenue and boost their clients' business performance

Boomerangme is easiest to use loyalty solution for small businesses
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1 st customer onboarding


1 st customer onboarding
Full account set up
Dedicated manager
Priority support
Website template
Agency plan includes:
  • Reseller option
  • White label
  • Sub accounts
  • 3 free sub-accounts
  • Stripe / PayPal connection
  • Custom pricing and currencies
  • Custom senders for SMS / Email
  • Dashboard with clients traction
  • Payment history
  • Upcoming payments
  • Overdue payments
  • API and Webhooks
  • Zappier / Pabbly / Integrately / KonnectzlIT