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Product features


10 times faster instead of any native mobile application
GDPR ready
CCPA ready
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Web form
Duplicate control
Design your own form for issuing cards. Add fields to get first name, last name, phone number and date of birth.
When clients fill out the issue form, an algorithm checks the existing customer base for duplicate information.
After filling out the card issue form, customer data immediately goes to CRM.
The color, logo, conditions of the promotion and any information on the card can be changed without the need to reissue the cards.
Any changes in information are immediately displayed on the card, which allows you to keep your clients informed about the latest news and show them the updated data.
Add and edit social links, websites, online booking and others.

Fully editable cards

Set your design and promotion rules

Free PUSH instead SMS

Totally free
& unlimited
Quality control
Create your way
Automatic PUSH notifications with information about bonus balance changes. Sent instantly after each transaction.
Automatic PUSHs are sent 1 hour after each transaction with the offer to leave feedback on the service quality.
Notifications are sent manually as an SMS mailing. Send PUSH to the entire customer base or a selected segment.
Automatic PUSHs are sent 28 days after the last purchase with an invitation to make a repeat purchase.
Automatic PUSH notifications within 330 feet of your business locations. Displayed on loyalty cardholders' lock screen.
The PUSH automation builder allows you to configure any script for sending PUSH notifications.


It's like a your branded loyalty app, but not an app
Quality control
Map links
Referral program
Social links
Webpage links
Quality control link is available on all cards in the description.
By clicking on the address, the map application on the device will open and lead a customer to your business.
The client can share the card with friends and earn points. Expand your customer base at no cost.
Post links to social networks. Edit anytime.
Interactive link to the phone number. The client can always contact you in 1 click.
Post links to any website. Edit anytime.
111 card templates
Enrolment form
Your own design
Promotion rules
Just choose the one
that suits you.
Add fields to the card enrolment form and get the data that
you need.
Add your logo and icon,
and customize colors. Create
your card in your brand style.
Add conditions of the promotion. Show the client how easy it is to get bonuses.

Easiest card designer

Distribute your promotion

Messenger sharing
Import clients
Send SMS
Referral sharing
Card status
Share the link to the card on social networks and messengers with your clients. It's free.
You can upload a client base and issue digital cards
within minutes.
Issue cards via a widget
on your website.
Additional paid option.
Your customers can share
the card and receive bonuses from your company. Grow
your customer base for free.
Control status of installed cards online through CRM.
Generated A4 promo
QR code, Direct link, Rules, Instructions.

Add points through PWA Scanner app

Scanner app
Easiest way to reward customers with bonuses
Get our free PWA Scanner app. Add points and stamps for purchases the moment your client pays. Provide
the app to every salesperson in your business
and track statistics for each of them.