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Loyalty ROI Calculator

Loyalty is an investment, not a cost.
Our clients achieve an average of 24x ROI when implementing a loyalty service.
Enter your data into the calculator and find out how much revenue you can generate by creating a loyalty program.
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ROI (%)
How much percent will the loyalty program pay off
ROI ($)
By paying for the service for $199/month, you earn additional money per month with the service:
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How do we calculate these values?

What is ROI?

Formula: ROI=(Revenue-Costs)/Costs

ROI is the rate of return on investment. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of the money spent.

ROI (%) means how many times you will get a return on your investment.
ROI ($) means how much money you will get back after investing $199
How we calculated Revenue?
Formula: Revenue=number of sales*average check

Based on our statistics, the loyalty program increases the average check by 30% and customer returns by 50%.

Using these averages, we counted the revenue that would be generated through the loyalty program
What's the cost of a loyalty program?
The cost of the loyalty program is the entire cost of the Boomerang service. In our calculation we have included the most popular tariff for local business - Business Plan for $199/month