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E-coupons: how Boomerangme's new tool can drive customer acquisition and retention

We have created a new tool in the Boomerangme service - electronic coupons. These act like a welcome discount - a potential client sees an advertisement or a company's offer for new clients, goes directly to the card issuance form and saves the coupon for the first visit in the smartphone.

On the first visit, the coupon in the smartphone turns into a savings card with a stamp.

This is what an electronic coupon looks like on a client's smartphone. For example - a discount of 300 rubles for the first manicure in the Nail Maker Bar chain.

This allows you to attract a customer with an interesting proposal and immediately include them in the company's loyalty program. Why does the business need it?

It strengthens the advertising offer. Special conditions for newcomers make offers more attractive for those who are not yet familiar with the company.

It calculates how much it costs to acquire a customer. The analytics of the service allows you to track where the client came from, how much it cost to attract and what percentage of those interested made a purchase in the end. This helps to assess the effectiveness of companies and invest in the attraction tools that really work for your business.

For example if you see that Instagram clients visit your nail salon gladly - they are willing to use coupons, and more than half of them actually come. At the same time, Facebook advertisements are a bit sluggish - coupons are rarely used, but only 5 out of 100 people came due to them. This is a sign that attracting customers from Instagram is more suitable for your particular business, it probably has that audience for which your offer is relevant. Based on this data, you can strengthen the promotion on Instagram and not spend money on advertising on Facebook.

It tracks the process of transition of a newcomer to a regular customer. At Boomerangme, you can track the road of a new client to a regular one with a customer acquisition funnel. It records the client's entire journey from getting a coupon to moving to more permanent status (that is 3 or more visits).

The customer acquisition funnel is updated in real time.

That is necessary in order to identify weaknesses and make management decisions in time, which will make it possible to steadily transfer newcomers to regular customers.

For example, you can see in the funnel that coupons are actively being issued and many of those who have issued them come to the first session. But after that only 5% return. This means that the advertising offer is well formulated and the mechanism for attracting customers is well-functioning, but newcomers did not like something - either the product itself, or the service, or the pricing policy. Perhaps the conditions for regular customers are worse than for newcomers. It is necessary to work with feedback - to clarify what exactly caused this attitude and figure out how to handle this matter.

It automates communication with the client. After a potential client has installed a coupon, the manager does not need to call them - the service will remind the user that they have a coupon.
This tool will help you analyze the customer journey in your company and calculate how much your customer relationship will cost – that’s customer acquisition and retention.