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It’s just a discount: discount cards are now available at Boomerangme

Discount cards with a fixed percentage of discounts are the simplest form of a loyalty program. Everyone knows about the discount cards that sellers give out at the checkout, and customers always forget these at home. This problem was solved by an electronic loyalty program, which can be used in standard smartphone apps. With the modern way of life, it is left at home much less often.
Boomerangme has different formats of loyalty programs and now it is a discount card.

Why are electronic discount cards better than plastic ones for companies?

·         The issuance of electronic cards is cheaper. Boomerangme has this format in all tariff plans, even in free ones
·         The customer base is easier to collect, digitize and analyze. There is no need to give clients paper questionnaires and enter information manually. In addition, the analytics will be done by the service
·         Saving on communication with the client - you can send push notifications instead of SMS.
·         Feedback is automatically sent after the visit - reviews, suggestions and criticism
·         You can create a tiered system of discounts, which depends on the volume of purchases.

How does a discount card work in our service? Each new member of the program is given a basic discount, then they buy goods or services from you using the card. When they accumulate purchases for a sufficient amount, they move to the next tier, in which the discount is higher. You can adjust the amount of the discount and the number of purchases yourself.

This is how we formalized the discount program in Face Fit. There is a name and conditions for each tier of the discount program. The entry one is called Bronze and offers a 3% discount.

For example, Benjamin buys coffee and tea from a specialty store. They are given a discount card and for every next purchase they have a 3% discount. When they make purchases in the amount of 10000 rubles, then the level of their discount will get to 5%. Ben knows that if you spend another 15000, then the discount will be 7%.

Why is this system good? It is clearer than a bonus system, while the presence of tiers helps to build long-term relationships with the client and maintain their motivation - the clients understand that the more they buy from your company, the more profitable it will be for them.

The discount card is suitable for trade, especially in cash and carry stores and niche retail. In addition, this system is good for a rising business in which successful loyalty procedures have not yet been established, simply because they have not had time to develop and test different forms.

To increase interest in your company's discount card you can arrange lotteries, contests and special promotions for members of the loyalty program.

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