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Kamal Hussein, CEO @ Vercle Agency
His story of transformation: "Boomerang has changed Vercle Agency's marketing approach by providing data-driven results. We're essentially a tech and marketing company dedicated to the food sector, so we mainly deal with restaurants and takeaways.
In terms of Boomerang, the product itself, when it came in, it kind of changed our agency completely. Because the product and the services that we kind of offer at the moment requires a lot of commitment from the client and because of that, conversion rate is not as great.
However, when we added Boomerang to our kind of toolkit, the list completely changed because as a kind of foot in the door product, it works like magic.
And so we're really happy to be part of Boomerang"
Abey Pulicken, CEO @ Rewardmate
His secret sause: "Just reach out to your own, the place you go to buy things, to do things, maybe your hair salon, your nail salon, your gym, your retail store, your grocery store, you know, just reach out to them.
Hey, you are a great store or a great place.
Why don't you start a, can I help you with this?"
Our Clients Love Us
  • Best Loyalty Platform for your Business

    In general, the experience with Boomerangme has been positive. The team and customer support demonstrate a solid commitment to improving their services.

    Their openness to feedback is commendable, especially considering their startup phase. I believe their approach is brilliant, and they consistently strive to enhance the capabilities of their tool.

    Review from G2
    Digital Marketing Strategist
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
  • What a fantastic product!

    So many customisations, I can make it on-point for my brand and easy for customers to scan > complete.

    I can offer a loyalty program, track it, use it to collect marketing (i.e. email) info, use it to push notifications to customers and create campaigns on the fly. Print the QR code and invite your customers. BOOMerangme! Oh and support is so fast 10/10.

    Review from G2
    Director - Project Funding
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
  • Couponing is ancient. But Boomerangme has revamped it with digital cards.

    Couponing and discounts are one of the most effective techniques for small and large companies. It is a way to build loyalty. Boomerangme does it digitally and in an innovative way.

    I like the effort they are making with third party app integrations and the path they have taken in the last month on that point.

    Review from G2
    Especialista digital
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
  • One of the best apps for digital loyalty cards!

    I think the design of Boomerangme is very nice. The app is created to make it very easy for users (with not much experiences like me) to create great digital loyalty cards in just minutes, and launch the campaign in a super easy way (simply scan the code or send the link created).

    The features offered by Boomerangme is very rich. The types of cards that can be created are one of the richest. I love most the stamp and coupon types amongst 6 types offered by Boomerangme. And the options made available in each type are very very thoughtful, covering everything I can think of for each type of cards. Say if I want to offer discount, I can use step levels with different rates. Or for stamps, I can make the stamp with different terms, such as "fixed terms", or "fixed terms after stamps earned", or unlimited. That would be awesome!

    Review from G2
    Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
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